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rp_hartfordwolfpacklogo_thumb1.jpgWOLF PACK ANNOUNCE 2015-16 GAME SCHEDULE

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76-game Slate Begins October 10 at XL Center

BY: Bob Crawford, Hartford Wolf Pack

HARTFORD, August 27, 2015:  Spectra, operators of the XL Center and Hartford Wolf Pack, today announced the Wolf Pack’s regular-season schedule of games for the 2015-16 AHL season.

The 76-game schedule of dates kicks off with the Wolf Pack’s home opener, which takes place Saturday, October 10 at the XL Center with the St. John’s IceCaps providing the opposition.  Faceoff is 7:00 PM.

The home opener is one of 13 Saturday-night slots on the Wolf Pack’s home schedule, which also includes eight Fridays.  Another 11 home games will be on Sundays, and there will be one Tuesday and five Wednesdays.

For a second straight season, one Wednesday game, November 4 vs. the Toronto Marlies, will be a “School Day Special” morning start, with faceoff at 11:00 AM.  In a new wrinkle this season, Friday-night games will start at 7:15 PM, while Saturday-night home dates remain 7:00 starts, with the exception of October 31 and November 7, which are 7:30 faceoffs, and March 12, which is a 3:00 start.  Most Sunday home games face off at 3:00 PM, except for November 15, which is a 4:00 start, March 6, a 1:00 faceoff, and October 18, November 1 and February 28, which start at 5:00.  The other Wednesday games besides November 4, and the one Tuesday game, face off at 7:00.

The Wolf Pack’s in-state foes, the Bridgeport Sound Tigers, appear on the Pack’s schedule ten times (five home, five away), as do the Portland Pirates.  The Wolf Pack will take on the Springfield Falcons and Providence Bruins eight times (four home, four away) in 2015-16, and will meet new Atlantic Division rivals the Lehigh Valley Phantoms and Wilkes-Barre/Scranton Penguins six times (three home, three away) each.  Hartford sees its other new divisional adversary, the Hershey Bears, four times (two home, two away).  Those totals add up to 52 divisional games for the Wolf Pack.

The Pack’s remaining 24 contests will be against North Division opposition, highlighted by six games (three home, three away) vs. the Albany Devils.  The Wolf Pack will see the Rochester Americans, Utica Comets and the IceCaps four times (two home, two away) each, and will have two meetings (one home, one away) each with the Binghamton Senators, Syracuse Crunch and the Marlies.

Individual game tickets for 2015-16 Wolf Pack home games will go on sale Tuesday, September 15 at 12 noon, at the Agera Energy Ticket Office at the XL Center, on-line at www.hartfordwolfpack.com and by phone at (877) 522-8499.

To speak with a Wolf Pack representative about season or group tickets, or any of the Wolf Pack’s many ticketing options, call (855) 762-6451.


(All Home Games in Caps, All Times Eastern)

Sat.     Oct.    10       ST. JOHN’S                           7:00
Wed.   Oct.    14      PROVIDENCE                      7:00
Sat.     Oct.    17       UTICA                                      7:00
Sun.    Oct.    18       SYRACUSE                            5:00
Fri.      Oct.    23      @ Syracuse                             7:00
Sat.     Oct.    24      @ Hershey                              7:00
Sun.    Oct.    25      @ Hershey                              5:00
Fri.      Oct.    30     @ Wilkes-Barre/Scr.          7:05
Sat.     Oct.    31       PROVIDENCE                      7:30
Sun.    Nov.     1       ROCHESTER                        5:00
Wed.   Nov.     4      TORONTO                             11:00 AM
Sat.     Nov.     7       ALBANY                                  7:30
Sun.    Nov.     8      @ Bridgeport                        5:00
Wed.   Nov.   11      @ Portland                            7:00
Fri.      Nov.   13      @ Portland                            7:00
Sun.    Nov.   15      WILKES-BARRE/SCR.    4:00
Fri.      Nov.   20     @ Utica                                    7:00
Sat.     Nov.   21      LEHIGH VALLEY                7:00
Sun.    Nov.   22     UTICA                                      3:00
Fri.      Nov.   27     SPRINGFIELD                      7:15
Sat.     Nov.   28     @ Bridgeport                         7:00
Fri.      Dec.     4      HERSHEY                               7:15
Sat.     Dec.     5      @ Wilkes-Barre/Scr.           7:05
Sun.    Dec.     6     @ Bridgeport                          5:00
Fri.      Dec.   11      @ Providence                         7:05
Sat.     Dec.   12     BRIDGEPORT                        7:00
Sun.    Dec.   13     @ Providence                         3:05
Fri.      Dec.   18     @ Rochester                           7:05
Sat.     Dec.   19     @ Utica                                     7:00
Sat.     Dec.   26    @ Binghamton                       7:05
Sun.    Dec.   27    @ Rochester                           5:05
Tue.    Dec.   29    PORTLAND                           7:00
Sat.     Jan.      2    ALBANY                                  7:00
Sun.    Jan.      3    WILKES-BARRE/SCR.    3:00
Fri.      Jan.      8    SPRINGFIELD                     7:15
Sat.     Jan.      9    BRIDGEPORT                      7:00
Sun.    Jan.    10    ALBANY                                 3:00
Fri.      Jan.    15    @ Springfield                        7:00
Sat.     Jan.    16    @ Lehigh Valley                   7:05
Mon.   Jan.    18   @ Providence                       3:05
Wed.   Jan.    20  @ Albany                                7:00
Sat.     Jan.    23   @ Bridgeport                        7:30
Sun.    Jan.    24   PORTLAND                          3:00
Wed.   Jan.    27   @ Wilkes-Barre/Scr.        7:05
Fri.      Jan.    29   BRIDGEPORT                     7:15
Sat.     Jan.    30   ST. JOHN’S                          7:00
Fri.      Feb.     5     @ Portland                           7:00
Sat.     Feb.     6      @ Albany                              5:00
Fri.      Feb.   12      WILKES-BARRE/SCR. 7:15
Sat.     Feb.   13      @ Bridgeport                      7:00
Sun.    Feb.   14      ROCHESTER                     3:00
Wed.   Feb.   17      PROVIDENCE                   7:00
Sat.     Feb.   20     @ Springfield                     7:00
Sun.    Feb.   21      BINGHAMTON                 3:00
Wed.   Feb.   24     PORTLAND                        7:00
Fri.      Feb.   26      @ Lehigh Valley                7:05
Sun.    Feb.   28      LEHIGH VALLEY             5:00
Sun.    Mar.     6      BRIDGEPORT                  1:00
Fri.      Mar.    11      @ Providence                   7:05
Sat.     Mar.    12      LEHIGH VALLEY           3:00
Sun.    Mar.    13      @ Portland                       3:00
Fri.      Mar.    18      PORTLAND                      7:15
Sat.     Mar.    19      SPRINGFIELD                7:00
Sun.    Mar.    20     @ Springfield                  5:00
Wed.   Mar.    23     PROVIDENCE                7:00
Fri.      Mar.    25      BRIDGEPORT                7:15
Sat.     Mar.    26      @ Lehigh Valley             7:05
Tue.    Mar.    29      @ Albany                          7:00
Fri.      Apr.      1         HERSHEY                       7:15
Sat.     Apr.      2         PORTLAND                   7:00
Fri.      Apr.      8         @ Springfield                7:00
Sat.     Apr.      9         SPRINGFIELD              7:00
Sun.    Apr.    10        @ Portland                      3:00
Wed.   Apr.    13        @ Toronto                       11:00 AM
Fri.      Apr.    15         @ St. John’s                    6:00
Sat.     Apr.    16         @ St. John’s                    6:00


Sat.     Oct.    10       ST. JOHN’S                          7:00
Wed.   Oct.    14      PROVIDENCE                     7:00
Sat.     Oct.    17       UTICA                                     7:00
Sun.    Oct.    18       SYRACUSE                          5:00
Sat.     Oct.    31       PROVIDENCE                     7:30
Sun.    Nov.     1       ROCHESTER                      5:00
Wed.   Nov.     4      TORONTO                           11:00 AM
Sat.     Nov.     7       ALBANY                                7:30
Sun.    Nov.   15      WILKES-BARRE/SCR.   4:00
Sat.     Nov.   21      LEHIGH VALLEY               7:00
Sun.    Nov.   22     UTICA                                     3:00
Fri.      Nov.   27     SPRINGFIELD                     7:15
Fri.      Dec.     4      HERSHEY                              7:15
Sat.     Dec.   12      BRIDGEPORT                      7:00
Tue.    Dec.   29      PORTLAND                          7:00
Sat.     Jan.      2      ALBANY                                 7:00
Sun.    Jan.      3      WILKES-BARRE/SCR.   3:00
Fri.      Jan.      8      SPRINGFIELD                    7:15
Sat.     Jan.      9      BRIDGEPORT                     7:00
Sun.    Jan.    10     ALBANY                                 3:00
Sun.    Jan.    24     PORTLAND                          3:00
Fri.      Jan.    29     BRIDGEPORT                     7:15
Sat.     Jan.    30     ST. JOHN’S                          7:00
Fri.      Feb.   12      WILKES-BARRE/SCR.   7:15
Sun.    Feb.   14      ROCHESTER                      3:00
Wed.   Feb.   17      PROVIDENCE                    7:00
Sun.    Feb.   21      BINGHAMTON                  3:00
Wed.   Feb.   24     PORTLAND                         7:00
Sun.    Feb.   28      LEHIGH VALLEY             5:00
Sun.    Mar.     6      BRIDGEPORT                   1:00
Sat.     Mar.    12     LEHIGH VALLEY             3:00
Fri.      Mar.    18     PORTLAND                        7:15
Sat.     Mar.    19     SPRINGFIELD                  7:00
Wed.   Mar.    23   PROVIDENCE                   7:00
Fri.      Mar.    25    BRIDGEPORT                   7:15
Fri.      Apr.      1      HERSHEY                           7:15
Sat.     Apr.      2      PORTLAND                       7:00
Sat.     Apr.      9      SPRINGFIELD                 7:00


Fri.      Oct.    23      @ Syracuse                        7:00
Sat.     Oct.    24      @ Hershey                         7:00
Sun.    Oct.    25      @ Hershey                         5:00
Fri.      Oct.    30      @ Wilkes-Barre/Scr.    7:05
Sun.    Nov.     8      @ Bridgeport                   5:00
Wed.   Nov.   11      @ Portland                       7:00
Fri.      Nov.   13      @ Portland                       7:00
Fri.      Nov.   20     @ Utica                              7:00
Sat.     Nov.   28      @ Bridgeport                  7:00
Sat.     Dec.     5        @ Wilkes-Barre/Scr.   7:05
Sun.    Dec.     6       @ Bridgeport                   5:00
Fri.      Dec.   11        @ Providence                  7:05
Sun.    Dec.   13       @ Providence                  3:05
Fri.      Dec.   18       @ Rochester                    7:05
Sat.     Dec.   19       @ Utica                              7:00
Sat.     Dec.   26      @ Binghamton                7:05
Sun.    Dec.   27      @ Rochester                    5:05
Fri.      Jan.    15      @ Springfield                  7:00
Sat.     Jan.    16      @ Lehigh Valley             7:05
Mon.   Jan.    18     @ Providence                 3:05
Wed.   Jan.    20    @ Albany                          7:00
Sat.     Jan.    23     @ Bridgeport                  7:30
Wed.   Jan.    27     @ Wilkes-Barre/Scr.  7:05
Fri.      Feb.     5      @ Portland                      7:00
Sat.     Feb.     6      @ Albany                          5:00
Sat.     Feb.   13      @ Bridgeport                  7:00
Sat.     Feb.   20     @ Springfield                  7:00
Fri.      Feb.   26     @ Lehigh Valley             7:05
Fri.      Mar.    11     @ Providence                 7:05
Sun.    Mar.    13    @ Portland                      3:00
Sun.    Mar.    20   @ Springfield                 5:00
Sat.     Mar.    26    @ Lehigh Valley            7:05
Tue.    Mar.    29   @ Albany                          7:00
Fri.      Apr.      8     @ Springfield                 7:00
Sun.    Apr.    10     @ Portland                     3:00
Wed.   Apr.    13    @ Toronto                       11:00 AM
Fri.      Apr.    15     @ St. John’s                    6:00
Sat.     Apr.    16     @ St. John’s                    6:00


rp_greenville-road-warriors_thumb4.gifROAD WARRIORS SUBMIT QUALIFYING OFFERS

Seven skaters from last season’s roster receive qualifying offers

BY: Alan Fuehring, Greenville Rd Warriors

Greenville, SC – The Greenville Road Warriors, proud ECHL affiliate of the New York Rangers and the AHL’s Hartford Wolf Pack, today announced qualifying offers have been submitted to seven players from the team’s 2014-15 roster.

Tyler Brown (F): Brown, 25, enters his fourth professional campaign after splitting last season between Greenville and Hartford. In 33 games with the Road Warriors, he earned 18 points (12g, 6a) and a +9 rating before earning a call-up to the Wolf Pack on January 6th. The Wasaga Beach, Ontario native spent the rest of season in Hartford and notched 14 points (7g, 7a) in 37 regular-season contests. He has 219 games of AHL experience.

Emerson Clark (F): Clark made 62 appearances with the Road Warriors last season and posted 25 points (16g, 9a). The Whitby, Ontario native led the club in penalty minutes for the second consecutive season with 217. The 22-year old will enter his third professional campaign.

Kyle Jean (F): Jean, 25, skated in 50 contests for the Warriors during the 2014-15 season and registered 38 points (15g, 23a). The Sault Ste. Marie, Michigan native also played in 12 AHL games between the Charlotte Checkers and Lake Erie Monsters. Jean served as an alternate captain for the Road Warriors and finished the season tied for the team-lead with six power-play goals.

Anthony Luciani (F): Luciani, 25, joined the Road Warriors on March 10, 2015 in a deal with the Gwinnett Gladiators just prior to the trade deadline. He immediately provided an offensive spark and finished the season with 28 goals, 69 points and a +18 rating – all team bests. The Maple, Ontario native added 41 assists in 65 games, split between Greenville and the Toledo Walleye.

Chad Nehring (F): A fifth-year pro, Nehring began the 2014-15 campaign in Greenville and notched 12 points (5g, 7a) in the first 17 games, which helped earn his first-ever call-up to the AHL (Hartford) on November 29th. The 28-year old remained in Hartford for the rest of the season and produced 12 points (4g, 8a) in 53 games. He also made 15 post-season appearances and helped the Wolf Pack to the AHL’s Western Conference Finals.

Trevor Parkes (F): Parkes, 24, joined the Road Warriors last season after a three-year tenure in the Detroit Red Wings organization. He registered 33 points (15g, 18a) and a +9 rating in 39 games with Greenville before earning a promotion to the Worcester Sharks (AHL) on February 3rd. The Fort Erie, Ontario native spent the rest of the season in Worcester and notched nine points (3g, 6a) in 20 contests. He has 136 games of AHL experience.

Sean Escobedo (D): Escobedo, 24, led all Warriors defensemen with a +8 rating last season. He added 19 points (3g, 16a) in 61 games and also saw action in four AHL contests between Hartford and the Wilkes-Barre/Scranton Penguins.

Each team is entitled to reserve the rights to a maximum of eight qualified players. Of those eight, no more than four could be veterans (260 regular-season pro games played). Players on open qualifying offers cannot be traded.

The qualifying offer must remain open for acceptance until Aug. 1st at which time the qualifying offer becomes null and void and the team may sign the qualified player to any salary or may elect to take no further action. Teams that extend a valid qualifying offer to a non-veteran player shall retain the rights to that qualified player for one playing season.

Follow: Keep up with the Road Warriors throughout the off-season and interact with other fans on the Official Road Warriors FacebookTwitterPinterest and Instagram pages.

Ticket plans for the Road Warriors’ sixth season in the Upstate are available now and start as low as $81! Call an Account Executive today at 864-674-PUCK or CLICK HERE to secure your seats! The Road Warriors open their home portion of the 2015-16 season on Friday, October 23rd with a 7:00 p.m. puck drop against the South Carolina Stingrays.



BY: The New York Rangers

NEW YORK, July 1, 2015 – New York Rangers President and General Manager Glen Sather announced today that the team has agreed to terms with free agent forward Matt Lindblad.

Lindblad, 25, skated in 47 games with the Providence Bruins of the American Hockey League (AHL) this past season, registering nine goals and 13 assists for 22 points, along with a plus-five rating and six penalty minutes. He established AHL career-highs in goals and plus/minus rating in 2014-15. He posted an AHL career-high four-game point streak from October 19 vs. Portland to November 1 at Springfield (one goal, three assists) and he tied a single-game AHL career-high with three points (one goal, two assists) on Jan. 18 vs. Wilkes-Barre/Scranton. Lindblad also skated in three playoff games with Providence. In addition, he skated in two NHL games with Boston in 2014-15, recording three shots on goal.

The 5-11, 193-pounder has skated in 106 career AHL games over parts of three seasons, registering 18 goals and 33 assists for 51 points, along with a plus-four rating and 14 penalty minutes. Lindblad has also skated in 15 career AHL playoff games, recording three goals and four assists for seven points, along with a plus-four rating. In addition, he has skated in four career NHL games over parts of two seasons, all with Boston.

Prior to joining the professional ranks, Lindblad played three seasons of collegiate hockey at Dartmouth University. In 89 career collegiate games, Lindblad registered 29 goals and 51 assists for 80 points, along with a plus-24 rating and eight penalty minutes. Lindblad, who was named to the All-Ivy League Second Team during his junior season in 2012-13, posted at least 15 assists, 24 points, and a plus-five rating in each of his three collegiate seasons, and he tallied 10 or more goals in two of three seasons with Dartmouth.

The Evanston, Illinois native originally signed with Boston as a free agent on April 5, 2013.



BY: The New York Rangers

NEW YORK, July 1, 2015 – New York Rangers President and General Manager Glen Sather announced today that the team has agreed to terms with free agent forward Jayson Megna.

Megna, 25, split this past season between the Pittsburgh Penguins and the Wilkes-Barre/Scranton Penguins of the American Hockey League (AHL). He tallied one assist and recorded 14 penalty minutes in 12 games with Pittsburgh. Megna registered 40 hits and was credited with eight blocked shots in 12 contests with the Penguins, and he notched an assist on the game-winning goal on December 2 vs. New Jersey.

In 63 games with Wilkes-Barre/Scranton this past season, the 6-1, 195-pounder registered 26 goals and 13 assists for 39 points, along with a plus-18 rating and 40 penalty minutes. Megna established AHL career-highs in games played, goals, assists, points, plus/minus rating, power play goals (five), and shots on goal (134). He led the team in goals, tied for third on the team in power play goals and ranked fifth in points and plus/minus rating. Megna also tallied five points (one goal, four assists) in eight playoff games with Wilkes-Barre/Scranton. He ranked third on the team in assists and tied for third on the team in points in the playoffs.

Megna has skated in 48 career NHL games over parts of two seasons, both with Pittsburgh, registering five goals and five assists for 10 points, along with 20 penalty minutes. He made his NHL debut on October 25, 2013 vs. the NY Islanders, and recorded his first career NHL goal, assist, and point in his second career NHL game on October 28, 2013 at Carolina. In addition, Megna has skated in two career NHL playoff games, and he made his NHL playoff debut in Game 3 of the First Round at Columbus on April 21, 2014.

In 144 career AHL games, Megna has registered 40 goals and 26 assists for 66 points, along with a plus-19 rating and 72 penalty minutes. Over the last two seasons, he has tallied 54 points (35 goals, 19 assists) and has posted a plus-31 rating in 88 AHL games. Megna has also skated in 33 career AHL playoff games, registering four goals and nine assists for 13 points, along with six penalty minutes.

Prior to joining the professional ranks, Megna played one season of collegiate hockey with the University of Nebraska-Omaha. During his freshman season in 2011-12, Megna registered 13 goals and 18 assists for 31 points, along with a plus-13 rating and 27 penalty minutes. Megna was named to the WCHA All-Rookie Team, as he led Nebraska-Omaha in plus/minus rating and ranked third on the team in goals, assists, and points.

The Fort Lauderdale, Florida native is one of seven players in NHL history who were born in Florida.

Megna was originally signed by Pittsburgh as a free agent on August 1, 2012.


gerry-150x130BY: Gerry Cantlon, Howlings


The Chicago Blackhawks captured their third Stanley Cup Championship in the past six years with a thrilling 2-0 victory over the Tampa Bay Lightning in Game Six with a thrilling 2-0 shutout.

Chicago’s Duncan Keith picked up the Conn Smythe Trophy as the playoff’s MVP. Keith scored the game winner in the first period on a wrist shot off a rebound of his own shot. Keith becomes the ninth defenseman to capture the Conn Smythe trophy. The previous eight are all in the Hockey Hall of Fame.

Ex-Hartford Whaler, Joel Quenneville earned his third championship ring while his good friend and assistant coach Kevin Dineen, who’d been fired as head coach of  the Florida Panthers a year and a half ago, finally had the opportunity to hoist Lord Stanley’s Cup. Combined with the gold medal he received coaching the Canadian Women’s Olympic Team, it’s saef to say that getting fired in Florida has worked out pretty well for the man known affectionately as, “Mr. Whaler” during his playing days !

Assistant GM Norm MacIver played for both the Whalers and New Haven Nighthawks and also got a taste from the silver chalice.


The Hartford Wolf Pack can at least they say they lost to the AHL champions.

The Manchester Monarchs exited the AHL in regal style defeating the Utica Comets in five games to capture the 2015 Calder Cup.

Despite an injury to goaltender Jean-Francois Berube, the Monarchs barely skipped a beat with Czech rookie Patrick Bartosak between the pipes. Bartosak was brilliant in his making 31 saves of the Game 5 Cup clinching win.

Jordan Weal had 22 points in the playoffs and captured the Jack Butterfield Trophy as the Playoff MVP.

What made the Monarchs so deadly was the team’s ability to score the game’s first goal. In 15 of the games they played in the post season, Manchester tallied first and in each of those cases the team won the game. It was just an amazing feat.

Former Yale players Brian O’Neill and Sean Backman celebrated the title with Backman handing the Calder Cup after his twirl to his collegiate and pro teammate O’Neill.

Now the Monarchs head to Ontario, CA to become the Reign joining San Diego (Anaheim), Bakersfield (Edmonton), Stockton (Calgary) and San Jose in forming the California AHL Pacific Division.

Joining the Monarchs in Ontario is there current Director of Hockey Operations Hubie McDonough., a Manchester native who was a playoff hero in New Haven in 1989. McDonough sett what was then a league record, with 31 points in the playoffs. despite those impressive numbers, the Nighthawks fell to Adam Graves and the Adirondack Red Wings in Calder Cup final.

McDonough still is the all time leading scoring (210 points) in St. Anselm history and won the Small College Hockey Player of the Year in 1985 and skated five games with the Monarchs in the 2001 season.


The Allen Americans capped their first year in the ECHL by capturing the Kelly Cup championship in decisive fashion with a convincing 6-1 home victory Sunday afternoon at the Allen Event Center.

Ex-Sound Tiger Chad Costello paced the victory with two goals and an assist. Another ex-Sound Tiger, goalie Riley Gill, had 27 saves and picked up his second ECHL Kelly Cup. Gill joins five other goaltenders in ECHL history to ever accomplish winning multiple championships.

Gill won with the Reading Royals. The other goalies to win multiple championships in the ECHL were Nick Vitucci (four titles), Mark Bernard (Hampton Roads), Dave Gagnon (Hampton Roads/Toledo), Gerald Coleman (Alaska). Gill now has the second most playoff wins at 36 to Vitucci’s 43.

The winning head coach was former Nighthawk Steve Martinson. His assistant coach is former Sound Tiger and ex-Wolf Pack, Kevin Colley, the son of Nighthawk legend Tom Colley.

Ex-Wolf Pack Andrew Rowe scored South Carolina’s  only goal and finished with 34 points, third best in the playoffs. He is in a three way tie for most ECHL playoff points in a season with Blaine Moore (Richmond-1994) and the late John Spoltore (Louisiana-2000). New Canaan’s Drew Mackenzie, a former Taft Prep player, had 20 points in 27 games.

The playoff MVP was an odd choice in Allen’s Gregor Hanson who led the Americans with 29 points, but had none in Game 7.  South Carolina’s Wayne Simpson set a new league record with 39 points in the post season. The line of Rowe, Simpson and former Hotchkiss Prep star, Derek Deblois, combined for 102 points in the playoffs.


Former Sound Tiger Alain Nasreddine, a long time assistant coach with the Wilkes Barre/Scranton Penguins follows John Hynes to the New Jersey Devils. Hynes leaves as head coach at Wilkes-Barre/Scranton to become the Devils top dog. Hynes named Nasreddine, who was his assistant with the Penguins, his assistant in Newark.

Other AHL head coaching jobs have been filled now. In Springfield, Ron Rolston, a longtime friend of Darcy Regier, who’s the new Falcons GM and who was Arizona’s assistant GM, is the new head coach. Rolston coached with the Rochester Americans for two years and was hired to coach the Buffalo Sabres mid-season in 2011-2012 and was releived of that position midway through 2012-2013. He was a scout for Arizona last year.

It was no surprise to learn that Todd Nelson was named the new head coach in Grand Rapids.

One of the AHL’s new Pacific coast teams, the San Diego Gulls, announced a brand new scoreboard will be put in place at the Valley View Casino Center for their first AHL season. The rumors are the teams first head coach could be Steve Martinson.

Martinson, a one-time Nighthawk, played three years in San Diego in the old IHL and coached the Gulls all nine years in the defunct West Coach Hockey League where he won five titles including the last Taylor Cup championship in 2003 before the league was absorbed into the ECHL. He coached the Gulls in their first season in the ECHL.

Former AHL’er D.J. Smith won the Memorial Cup guiding the Oshawa Generals (OHL) last month and was named an assistant coach with Toronto. Smith played for the Maple Leafs in Toronto and St. John’s.

Wilkes Barre/Scranton replaced Hynes behind the bench with former New York Rangers assistant coach, Mike Sullivan.

The losses of AHL players to signings in Europe grew by nine as goalie Jussi Rynas left the Texas Stars for AK Bars Kazan in Russia in the KHL, Peter Holland from the St. John’s IceCaps to HPK Hameenlina (Finland-FEL), Colin Fraser Chicago Fire to Nuremberg (Germany-DEL), Spencer Abbott Rockford/Toronto to Frolunda HC (Sweden-SHL), Markus Lauridsen Lake Erie Monsters to AIK (Sweden-Allsvenskan), Brandon Kozun, who split last year between the Marlies and the Maple Leafs in Toronto, goes to Finland to play for Jokerit Helsinki who play in the KHL and Brendan Maclean of St. John’s heads to EV Ravensburg Germany DEL-2.

Ex-Wolf Pack d-man Tomas Kundratek leaves the Hershey Bears for Dynamo Riga in Latvia (KHL) and ex-Sound Tiger goalie Joey MacDonald heads to the German DEL and Schwenniger Wild Wings.

Another ex-Sound Tiger goalie, Peter Mannino, who played in Binghamton last season has retired and becomes the new assistant/goalie coach with the Chicago Steel (USHL) under their new head coach, former Yale associate coach, Dan Muse.

Former Wolf Pack players also finding new residences include, Tomas Kaberle who had a two game tryout this year, will stay in the Czech Republic and go from HC Kladno to HC Brno.

Evgeni Grachev stays in Russia (KHL) going from HC Vladivostok to Amur Khaborvsk.

Ex-Wolf Pack Gordie Dwyer, fired from Charlottetown (QMJHL) in May, will be the new head coach for KHL Medvescak Zagreb in Croatia.

Former Wolf Pack Francois Fortier is returning to Quebec after leaving Valerenga IF in Norway for Jonquiere (LNAH).

Wallingford native and Avon Old Farms product, Pat Mullane, who was in Wolf Pack camp two years ago, heads from Reading (ECHL) to Assat Pori (Finland-FEL) next season.

Former UCONN goalie Matt Grogan is toiling away in the Land Down Under.

Grogan is the goalie for the Sydney Ice Dogs in the Australian Hockey League (AIHL). He played for UCONN from 2010-2014 and after completing school spent four games with the Ft. Wayne Komets (ECHL).

So far it’s been a tough go with a record of 1-10 and a 5.63 GAA.

Connecticut’s other Australian hockey prodigy, Chesire defenseman Robert Malloy who plays for the Newcastle North Stars is doing well with seven points in 10 games.

Presently 21 US and 15 Canadians are playing in the AIHL.

Former top Wolf Pack scorer Derek Armstrong, out of the coaching business for a year since the Denver Cutthroats, which folded with the Central Hockey League, will be taking over shortly as head coach for a team in the Australian Ice Hockey League (AIHL).


Congrats are in order to former Wolf Pack Todd Hall, who was officially named the new head coach of the Hamden High School Green Dragons program. The club who has won 17 state Division I titles in their history.

Hall, who grew up in the town and has been an assistant coach since he finished his pro career in Hartford in 2002, and who scored the Calder Cup game winning goal in 2000 against Rochester, becomes the 20th ex-Wolf Pack to become a head coach (66 ex-Pack are in a coaching or hockey position someplace on this planet) at some level of hockey.

He becomes just the fifth head coach the program has ever had since its inception 1948. The team has won state Division I title and became a  power program to model yourself afterward. The other were Don McNeil, Louis Astorino, Dick Gagliardi and most recently after 28 years with the program as coach and 33 in total Billy Verneris.

“Its not like the programs started in the 1980’s, so its pretty amazing-something­-very special. I’m very fortunate and thrilled to get this opportunity. It’s a really neat thing to be a part of,” Hall said.

The announcement was made at the team banquet.

“It was a very nice gesture by Billy he wanted it that way and the timeline was accomodated and the move by the school was a complete surprise to me,” Hall said.

Hall explained his philosophy, as only he can, and sums himself up all in the same description. “I want people to take this the right way. I value the game of hockey. It has given me a lot and the level of hockey (at Hamden) is different than when I played. I want their experience to not just be about hockey. We’re here to help mold young boys to become young men.

“Statistically speaking, a majority of them hockey will end after their senior season. Its very important to me that will go on to become good citizens, good fathers, good brothers and good friends.. Accountability, responsibility and discipline are things I will stress.”

Hall, who also won a state title in sophomore season and was in one other state final, recognizes the game and its structure has changed from when he played and from when he played Division college hockey first at BC and then at UNH.

The growth of and strength of not only prep schools, but junior hockey is not lost on him.

“When I played here the only the option was the USHL (based in the Midwest) or if you had a contact maybe, maybe Canadian (major) junior. That has all changed of course. I would never want to deny a kid the chance to go that route, but only at the point I really think we can’t develop his hockey skills any further and if he truly wants it. I wish them to succeed wherever they choose. I can’t recruit, I get the lineup that comes in at each year. The changed environment is something you deal with and I understand the business side of this.

I saw it start when I was in college from the 19 year old freshmen to the now you have 24-25 year old college seniors.”

The coaches of his pro career will be a part of his coaching strategy.

“I have been extremely lucky to have had so many good coaches in my life. When Dick Umile and Rick Serino (at UNH) were good when I transferred he told me I don’t care what happened (at BC) your here now. When my sister died (Leah Hall by a drunk driver) he arranged to have a team bus come down (to the wake) that is sort of thing you understand that is team.”

The two coaches he had with the Wolf Pack, EJ McGuire and John Paddock, have played an important part of his playing career and will use now as a guide as a head coach.

“EJ was the most detailed coach ever. You knew how everything that was going to be happening the minute you went to practice he had it posted, there was no guessing. I will be using that. Pads was the coach who gave me a lot of ice time and knew how to handle so many different players to get to work as a team.”

He will have returning assistant coach George Jerolman Jr. and is expected that the JV coach and former high school defense partner and brother-in-law, Scott Jason, will be announced as the new assistant coach. All three played together for the Green Dragons.

Hamden High is in the right hands with Todd Hall.


Former AHL’er Greg Parks,48 passed away in Edmonton earlier in the week. No cause of death was announced.

Parks started his AHL career after four years at Bowling Green University then a NCAA Division I program in the now defunct CCHA conference where they won a conference title in 1987. Park started his first pro season in Finland before hooking up with Johnstown (ECHL) then in Springfield with Indians where he won a Calder Cup.

In the AHL he also laced them up with Capital District (nee Albany) before getting to the NHL with the N.Y. Islanders. He earned a silver medal with Canada in the 1994 Winter Olympics.

He had an extensive 10 year European career in Sweden, Switzerland (won an NLB championship), Germany and ended his playing career in Japan with the Oji Eagles.

After retiring he coached in the Alberta Junior Hockey League with St. Albert and for two years as head coach and GM and stayed with the team briefly when it moved to Whitecourt.

Sadly, he is second player from that Indians team to already pass away Guy Rouleau died of cancer in December 2008.


The NHL Entry Draft next Friday and Saturday June 26 and 27 in Sunrise, Florida.



Advance to 2015 Calder Cup Finals as Eastern Conference champions

BY: Jason Chaimovitch, AHL, VP Communications

SPRINGFIELD, Mass. … The Manchester Monarchs have won the Richard F. Canning Trophy as the American Hockey League’s Eastern Conference champions for 2014-15, claiming the title with a 3-1 victory over the Hartford Wolf Pack in Game 4 of their best-of-seven series at the XL Center in Hartford, Conn., on Wednesday night.

The Monarchs are heading to the Calder Cup Finals for the first time in the franchise’s 14-year history. They will take on the winner of the Western Conference Finals between the Utica Comets and Grand Rapids Griffins, currently tied at one game apiece.

The top development affiliate of the NHL’s Los Angeles Kings, the Monarchs – led by head coach Mike Stothers – finished with the best record in the AHL during the regular season (50-17-6-3, 109 points), then defeated the Portland Pirates (3-2) in the conference quarterfinals, the Wilkes-Barre/Scranton Penguins (4-1) in the conference semifinals and the Wolf Pack (4-0) in the conference finals to earn the right to play for the Calder Cup.

The best-of-seven 2015 Calder Cup Finals will begin at the Verizon Wireless Arena in Manchester, N.H., on Sat., June 6 (6 p.m. ET) and Sun., June 7 (5 p.m. ET). The remainder of the schedule will be announced following the completion of the Western Conference Finals.

Established in 1990, the AHL’s Eastern Conference championship trophy honors Richard F. Canning, who served the AHL for more than 50 years during his career, including a term as league president from 1958-61. Mr. Canning is recognized as the author of the AHL’s constitution, by-laws and regulations.


gerry-150x130BY: Gerry Cantlon, Howlings

Cromwell, CT The Hartford Wolf Pack have begun preparation for their trip to the Eastern Conference Finals  for the first time since 2004 where they will take on the Manchester Monarchs.

For the Pack, this is going to feel like going to the gym and ratcheting up an exercise bike to increase the load because what faces them in Manchester will certainly seem like a steep upgrade in the incline.

The Monarchs registered 109 points, the best record in the AHL, during in the regular season. Skating for the Monarchs is the league’s MVP and top point earner in points (22 goals, 58 assists, 80 points).  in former Yale product, Brian O’Neill. The Monarchs also feature the league’s third-leading scorer during the regular season, Jordan Weal. The very fleet of foot Weal is second in post-season scoring with 10 goals, 5 assists, and 15 total points. Continue reading